What Are the Procedures in Handling Different Kinds of Legal Documents

Only you know what your office is looking for, and only you can decide how your firm can best manage your legal documents. If you work in a medium or large company, any legal form you need is already accessible in the office as a template on the computer or server or in a file from which you can copy the essential plan. Forms are often state-specific and must be completed as such. If you work in a small office or a solo desktop, when creating a new form in Word or WordPerfect, it is advisable to create a template from it before adding the specific information. When you create a template, you only need to perform this task once. After that, you will have this form available and you will only need to fill in the details of the individual case to fill it out. All letters should always be printed on letterhead, if available, and should follow the basic block shape, i.e. all aligned to the left, except for the sender information centered at the top of the page. If no stationery is available, the name of the lawyer or company, address, and telephone and fax numbers must be entered. Below is an example of a cover letter and a request form for the appeals department. Legal documents are among the safest documents a company can have. They contain not only extremely secure information about them, but also the secure information of other people. How does your firm store your legal documents? If you haven`t checked all your options yet, you might want to start looking for the best way for your office today! 15.

Use specific words. Government letters often deal with abstract issues. But abstract words can be vague and open to different interpretations. Wrap the instructions in simple, concrete words. 19. Write short sentences. Readable sentences are simple, active, affirmative and declarative. The more a sentence deviates from this structure, the more difficult the sentence is to understand. Long and long-lasting sanctions are a fundamental weakness of legal documents.

Legal documents often contain conditions that lead to complex sentences with many clauses. The more complex the sentence, the more difficult it may be to determine the intended meaning of the sentence. If a case has been won, lost, settled, rejected or closed and the file is no longer needed or used, it can be archived. No files should ever be discarded. Typically, some of the file space is reserved for files that need to be archived. There may be pending documents or documents that are still arriving for a particular file that needs to be checked in, in which case you leave the file in the range of current files until the file is complete. Once copies of all relevant documents have been added, place them in the archive area. Only professionals are required to carry out the process of processing legal documents. There are a variety of such documents of which you have little idea. Often, your lawyer will tell you their importance, but only if the circumstances are appropriate. Regular Mail: This service is used for general documents, non-urgent letters, invoices, and any documents that your lawyer essentially considers “not in a hurry.” The procedure is to make the appropriate copies, address envelopes, parcel documents and all other items in the envelopes, stamp them and give them to the receptionist or postman.

Often, multiple unassigned items are set aside and shipped together instead of packing and shipping them individually. For multiple items shipped, it is advisable to use an internal stamping machine if it is available. Any document that contains information on legal issues is classified as a legal document. A legal document cannot be edited by an ordinary person due to the complexity of these documents. However, there are exceptions, such as divorce cases, where records and documents can be processed by the parties involved. If you are not a lawyer or graduate, you are not eligible to process technical legal documents. It is important to note that legal documents are of many types, some are common, while others are specific. Some specific legal documents should only be processed by professionals such as legal advisors, litigation servers, lawyers, lawyers and other relevant persons. Not all documents sent require as many copies, but most documents sent to court require one original and at least two copies for filing. When you send letters, you only need one copy for each of those contained in the cc and one for the file. It is important that you follow the above procedure with each outgoing document. Carefully count the number of copies you need and don`t forget an extra for the file.

Organize your copies as you walk and group them together in the copy room to make it easier for you. In addition to typing in documents, preparing for shipping is a big part of the legal secretary position. Depending on the nature of the document, once it has passed the final design phase and it has been printed and signed, you create collected copies and link them, package them and send them to the appropriate parts. You must attach all marked documents to accompany the document in their correct order, as directed by your lawyer. They need to be organized from the beginning to make sure everything is packed properly and that all parties get their copies. Even in cases of divorce, you must meet the conditions set by the lawyer on the basis of the case procedure. In all other cases, all legal documents must be processed by lawyers. Lawyers such as process servers and lawyers are responsible for processing the documents in the case.

4. Leave this file available for the day in case your lawyer wants to add more before filing. If it`s not necessary at the end of the day, archive it in the standard way in your particular office. To impose a legal obligation, use “must”. To predict future actions, use “Wille”. DO NOT SAY: The governor should approve it. SAY: The governor has to approve it. [Commitment] OR: The governor will approve it. [future action] 4. Be direct.

Talk directly to your readers. Use the imperative mood. Regulations are suitable for this style, especially procedures, instructions and to-do lists. Franchise avoids liabilities:SAY: Sign all copies. SAY: Attach a copy of your W-2 to your return. This style leads to shorter, sharper and easier to understand procedures. 5. Use the present tense. A regulation with lasting effect speaks of when you apply it, not when you draft it or when it comes into force. For this reason, you should write regulations in the present tense.

By drawing in the present, you avoid complicated and cumbersome verbal forms. DON`T SAY: The fine for driving without a driver`s license is $10.00. SAY: The fine for driving without a driver`s license is $10.00. 6. Write positively. If you can express an idea positively or negatively, express it positively. DO NOT SAY: The Governor may not appoint persons other than those qualified by the Personnel Management Agency. SAY: The governor must appoint a person qualified by the human resources management agency. A negative statement can be clear. Use it when notifying the reader.

DO NOT WALK, DO NOT SMOKE But avoid several negatives in one sentence. DO NOT SAY: A demonstration project will only be approved if all the requirements of the application are met. SAY: A demonstration project will only be approved if the applicant meets all the requirements. It is better to express even a negative in positive form. According to the office procedure, a metal paper organizer can be added to the shackle folder so that any document can be punched, added in chronological order and attached. This prevents papers from falling or being mixed and makes it easy to find a particular match quickly and easily. Many small businesses use the inside of the manila folder to take notes and/or track the hours spent on the issue or case. During the course of the case, it may be necessary to add shackle folders and label them meaningfully or be standard for your office.

If different questions arise, a Manila file must be assigned for each case or case that concerns that client. Some offices require an accordion file for each individual case. Long-standing customers with multiple large cases may need a separate file folder for each case. .